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Married born in 1950 / date of the first set in education: 05.06.1976 / date of the first appointment to the University: 1994 / Major: geographic / Specialization (base): weather and climate / holds a Bachelor: 1973/1974 holds a Master: 1981 / PhD: 1999.
A- Climate salt

B - Djimor of Applied Vologgio

C - The Science of forms of the earth's surface

Geography Iraq


Applied Climate


Arab World

General Geographic

1 - air monitoring station in Najaf topical analysis / Geographic Society Magazine, Number 43 Year 2000

2 - The characteristics of climate of the province of Najaf, Iraqi Geographic Society magazine Number 47 Year 2001

3 - morphological growth of the city of Najaf since its inception and until 2000, Journal of the Faculty of Wireless Performance Number 47, 2001

4 - Social materials ceremony in teacher training colleges and the cycle in the preparation of a social studies teacher, met search for publication, the Journal of the Geographical Society.

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