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M.B.Ch.B. from Kufa College of Medicine Al-Mustauseriyah University , Iraq in 1985. M.Sc. Path. from Department of Pathology- College of Medicine- Al- Mustauseriyah University, Iraq, in Pathology /Histopathology in 1992. PhD, Histopathology from Department of Pathology ,College of Medicine ,Baghdad, University, Iraq in .2003 professor of Pathology ( M.B.Ch.B, MSc, PhD ), Department of Pathology, College of Medicine, Kufa University, Al- Najaf - Iraq. Joined the Department of pathology of college of medicine of this university since 1987 after 2 years rotation. Graduated as MSc in pathology ( histopathology ) in 1992 from department of pathology, college of medicine Al-Mustansiriya University and PhD in 2003 from Department of Pathology, College of Medicine Baghdad University. Head ofKufa Training center of the Iraqi council for Medical Specialization in Pathology, Head of the Middle Euphrates Unit for Cancer Research, college of medicine, Kufa University from 1996-2001, member of the cancer registration unit in Al-Najaf governorate, member of Early Breast Cancer Detection Clinic,in Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital,Chief of Department of Pathology ,Laboratory Section of Al-SadrTeaching Hospital 1996-2003 in Najaf. Participated in the following activities; Teaching of undergraduate students and teaching and supervision of MSc and PhD students in pathology, training of students of Iraqi council for medical specialization in Pathology, also involved in supervision of research lab in pathology. Also participated in many examining committees of PhD and MSc students in pathology and many scientific conferences inside and outside Iraq.
1-Cancer research on breast and urinary bladder cancer, Histopathological Diagnosis.

2-Cancer research, FNA and other cytology diagnosis.

3-Tumor markers application on tissue sections (Immunohistochemistry

1-Teaching of undergraduate students.

2-Teaching and supervision of M.Sc and PhD students in pathology.

3-Teaching and training of the students of Iraqi council for medical specialization (FICMS ) in Pathology,

4-Supervision of research lab in pathology.

5-Member of many examining committees of PhD and MSc students in pathology

6-Participation in many scientific conferences inside and outside Iraq.

7-Scientific visits and meetings with identical pathology departments and cancer research centers in Iran, Egypt, Jordan, and USA.

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