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Date of employed: 10-8-2001 No. of service years: 13-years -BSc. : Mousl university -1990.- MSc : Kufa University – College of Science –Biology Dpt. 2001.-Ph.D. Babylon University – College of Science –Biology Dpt. 2006. -Occupation :A. Professor/2008 -General specialization: Microbiology.Fine specialization: Bacterial diseases immunity.
-Staff member of American Society for Microbiology/ Journal of Bacteriology. and the journal of infection in development countries.

Qualification: TeachingUndergraduate: Pathogenic Bacteria and antibiotics.Postgraduate :Advance Immunology and advance pathogenic bacteria for Msc and Phd. students and supervision on Seven Msc students and three students Phd.and head of editor of biology journal.
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17. Mahdi H. Al-Ammar ,Essam Mohammad Taher (2015)Study of some virulence Factors and Beta_Lactamase Encoded Genes of Acinetobactor baumannii Isolated from Clinical Samples IJSER published.

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