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B.Sc from Al-Mustansiriyah University / College Of Science / Part Of Mathematical (1984),and M.Sc in computer Science from Baghdad / The National Center Of Computer (1989), Assistant Lecturer in Kufa Medicine college / Al-Mustansiriyah University (1989) , Assistant Lecturer in Medicine college/ Al-Mustansiriyah University (1990), Lecturer in Faculty of Pharmacy/ University of Kufa (2005) and chief of computer center, Organ in Iraqi Physics & Mathematics Society , Organ in Iraqi Computer Society.
1-Abut security of the internet.

2- case report about using the computer application and computer Science in medication.

1- Teaching the Application of computer Science.

2-Erasing illiterate by laying lectured in computer Science application (ICDL) assuring activities of the continuity educating.

1-Abut using the computer to do designs, place of bruiting in The National Center Of Computer (1989).

2- Abut using the computer to curing the psychological disease , , place of bruiting in Al-Mustansiriyah University (1999).

3- Abut the Data Base , place of bruiting in Al-Mustansiriyah University (1999).

4- Mathematic and statistic of cystine stone place of bruiting in University of Kufa/ College Of Medicine (2008).

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