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B.Sc in chemistry from Baghdad university-College of science (1979). M.Sc in organic Chemistry from Basrah university-College of science and PhD from Baghdad university-College of science (2000) in inorganic chemistry.
Organic Synthesis (Azo compounds, Schiff bases, Dithiocarbamates Compounds, Heterocyclic Compounds, Chelate Ligands)

Synthesis of Metal Complexes

Thermodynamic Parameters of Metal Complexes Formation

Formation and Stability Constants of Metal Complexes

Chemistry of Periodic Table

Chemistry of Azo Dyes

Inorganic Chemistry

Coordination Chemistry

Lanthanides and Actinides Chemistry

Organometallic Chemistry

Hydrides Chemistry

Chemistry of Periodic Table

Carbonyls and Nitrosyls Chemistry

Bioinorganic Chemistry

Mechanism of Complex compounds Reactions

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