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I have obtained BSc. and M.Sc. in Mech. Eng.; thermo-fluid branch from Babylon university. Lecturer at university of kufa, faculty of engineering, Mech. Eng. Dept.
- Improving the operating characteristics and pollutants emission of gas turbine power plants and Diesel engines using hydrogen fuel that is considered one of important part of renewable energy.

- Conversion of “rice husk” waste to biofuel and then it will be used in heating and Internal Combustion Engines.

- Diffusion and premixed flames processes in combustion chambers of practical combustion device such as industrial furnaces, steam boiler and internal combustion engines.

- Working with other renewable energy such as wind, solar, and biofuels.

- Using Comsol multi- physics program in order to solve the thermal and fluid problems.

- Using Cycle Tempo and EES programs for optimization and analysis energy and exergy of steam and gas turbine power plants.

- Engineering power plants.

- I.C.Es.

- Thermodynamics.

- Fluid mechanics.

- heat transfer.

- Measurement devices.

- Energy Conservation

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