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BA in Chemistry / University of Kufa, 1998. She holds a master's degree in Analytical Chemistry / University of Kufa, 2002. She holds a Ph.D. in organic chemistry / University of Baghdad in 2008 . holds the title of assistant Stadium in 2011 I have (25) research published in scientific journals in the solid inside diameter . I have a ( (10 research published outside the country in scientific journals . holds many of the books of thanks and appreciation from the Dean and President of the University , Mr. Minister. teaching graduate students - graduate students of the faculties ( Science and Education ) . Supervision of graduate students ( - Chemistry - Pharmacy) Supervision of research projects for graduate students in chemistry. supervising the application of chemistry students in schools . Responsible several committees ( chairman and members) in the Department of Chemistry - Faculty of Education . I serve as a member of a university faculty 14 years and a half .
1 - Preparation of pharmaceutical compounds derived from compounds Lhalqahalaazavih.

2 - Preparation of plant extracts as anti Maekerobaiologih.

3 - A study of the chromatographic behavior of heterogeneous rings.

4 - Prepare organic compounds cyclic and non-cyclic elements (Se, S, N, O, ..) and studied biologically.

1. Aromatics extraction of medicinal plants

2. Organic Chemistry.

3. Chemistry and automated analysis techniques all.

4. Mechanical organic reactions.

5. Chemistry extract medicinal substances from the plant Medical.

6. Diagnosis and Organic.

7. Analytical Chemistry - Pharmaceutical.

1-Synthesis and Charactrization of Hetromacro cyclic Compounds via cyclization Reactions.

2-Synthesis and Characterization of New Cycles of Selenazane and Thiazane.

3-Synthesis and Biological Activity Study of Series of Various Compounds from Imine of Sugar.

4-Cyclization Reactions of Hydrazine &Diamine Compounds .

5-Synthesis & Investigation of Anesthesia Organic Compounds.

6-Synthesis and Invistigation of Heterocycles from Di- hetroatoms (N, S ,O and Se).

7-Comparision Between Effect oF Plant Extracts and Antbioticagainst Bacteria.

8-Study Effect of Essential Oils on Resistant Bacteria.

9-Complexation and Bio-Chemical Investigation of Enamine Bases with (Cd+2,Ni+2, Mn+2).

10-Synthesis of Oxazipen Compounds Via Schiff Bases.

11-Preparation and Invitigation of Diazipene , Oxazipen Compounds Through Condensation Reaction.

12-Synthesis and Invistigation of New Cyclic Mannich Bases.

13-Chemical Study of Synthesized Organic Compounds from (Shiff Bases-Sugars).

14-Synthesis & Bio-Chemical Identification of Organic Ligands & Polymers and Using One of Them in Complexationwith (Mn2+,Ni2+, Zn2+).

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