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Bsc from Baghdad University College of Agriculturea/ 1980 Msc/Baghdad Unifersity /College of Agriculture /Plant physiology /1984 Ph D /Babylon University /College of Science/Plant Taxonomy and Anatomy/2000 First job Teacher in Bashra Univefsity/College Agriculture in 1986,after eight years Transport to University of Kufa /College of Sciencein 1993. Assistant of Dean in College of Science/1994 -1995 After this time teaching in the department of biology Assistant of Dean in 2002-2003 Head of department of biology 2005 -2006 Assistant Scientific of Dean 11/2006 to 2010 Know I am Teaching in Biology Department for Graduate and under graduate students in Biology Dep.
My research interests is related with taxonomy of plants , anatomical, medical plants extract, palynology ,

Also I have some studies on phytochemical screening of medicinal plants and their effects on bacteria .

I am most interested to study Karyiotypes of chromosomes in some species of plants in mitosis and meiosis phases

1- Plant Taxonomy

2- Plant Anatomy

3- Medical Plants

4- Plant Ecology

5- Biostatistics

1- Motar A.O. and Alsady M.H.(2012). Chromosome count and karyotype analysis Trifolium species growing in Iraq. Journal of Kufa Uni. For Biology Accepted for publication N.375 in 5-11-2012.

2- Motar A.O. and Alsady M.H.(2013).Phenolic compounds study of Trifolium

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5- Motar A.O. (2008).Morphological study for pollen grain and some

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6- Enas A. and Motar A.O. (2006). Morphological study for pollen grains

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7- Sheima J. and Motar A.O. (2006). Morphological study for some species of

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Saponines compounds for leaves and fruits of some varieties of Ziziphus.

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V . 4 N.4

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