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College of Vet. Med. Cell phone +964 770 232 4979 ; +964 781 256 2458 Email : [email protected] ; [email protected] Personal statement Batcher and master degree from Baghdad university in veterinary medicine and my specialist in poultry diseases, head department of public health in veterinary medicine college in Kufa university since its established in 2008. Teaching poultry disease and poultry management and biostatistics. I 'm a member of group that participated in faculty exchange program in USA supported by US department of agriculture in Iowa State University to develop the Iraqi veterinary medicine curriculum . Member of American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostic (2012) . member of Iraqi Poultry Sciences Association
Research interest

Immunity and prevention programs in viral diseases of poultry.

poultry Microbiology

Food additives in poultry industry.

Teaching Interest

Poultry diseases

Poultry management


Publications in scientific journals:

1. Adnan N. Al-Asadi, Haider Tuma Kaab, Ahmad K. Kalf and Anmar A. Majeed 2008 Effect of Supplement Fresh Liquid Whey To Drinking Water on Broiler Performance. Iraqi Poultry Sciences Journal 3, 121 127.

2. Haider Tuma Kaab 2008 Isolation of Cryptococcus neofrmans from pigeon dropping and study of some pathogenesis aspects. Journal of University of Karbala 4th Sci. Conf.of K. U.2008.

3. Suad Gazi, Ahmed K.K. and Haider Tuma Kaab 2008 Isolation of Four Types of Bacteria that Cause Kidney Damage in Broiler.

4. Study the effect of coloration diet on Broiler Performance.

5. Haider Tuma Kaab, Nebrass Y.A. and Ohood A. R. 2012 Effect of Aamaranths caudatus and pimpinella anisume extracts on the bacteria isolated from liver of chickens. Journal of Karbala University ,Vol 9.No.2.Scientific.2011

6. Alkassar A.M.A., Haider Tuma Kaab and Husam M.A. 2012 Evaluation of parent tetra SL performance in hot climate.

7. A.Y. Al-Shukri, Haider Tuma Kaab, Husam Muhsin Abdulwahab. 2012. Effect of Betaine on some productive traits of turkey under heat stress. Journal of college of vet med Kufa university.

8. Haider Tuma Kaab, Genotyping of Candida albicans Isolated from broilers by 25S rDNA Analysis.2013; Journal of Kufa Vet. Med.

9. Article about development of veterinary medicine curriculum published in journal of Kufa university

10. Seminar '' Faculty Exchange Program in USA'' in USDA ; Washington DC 12 December 2012

11. Seminar '' Development of veterinary Curriculum '' in faculty of vet med in Kufa university; Najaf ;Iraq. 16 January 2013.

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