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He received her bachelor of Mosul University College of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences livestock in 1980, and master's from the University of Baghdad College of Agriculture in 1983 Poultry Nutrition, and a doctorate in philosophy Science Livestock Poultry Nutrition from the University of Baghdad College of Agriculture in 2006. Was appointed in agricultural research in 1985, then director of the Department of Livestock in the Agriculture Department of Najaf until 1997, and moved to work in the College of Agriculture, University of Kufa in 1997. was named Assistant Lecturer in 2001, and the title of teacher in 2004, and the title of assistant professor in 2009. studied the following materials: Poultry Nutrition, administration Poultry Technology poultry products, hatching and Mphavks, poultry production, the principles of animal production, meat technology, animal feed, statistics, design and analysis of agricultural experiments, the principles of Fish, Fish production, feed and diets, feed for ruminants students initial Aldarasat. Metabolize proteins, vitamin metabolism and metals, carbohydrate metabolism, fat metabolism Advanced higher Graduate students (MA and Ph.D.). Published two books first: principles poultry production 2010, and the second: Poultry Nutrition 2012, and a third book in the role of printed feed additives c ( 1- enzymes).). Member of the Agricultural Engineers Association / Branch Najaf - Prime consultants, a member of the American Soybean Association - Member of Iraqi Poultry Science Association, a member of a human rights activist, holds more than five degrees in human rights courses, holds a training trainees on teaching human rights curriculum, holds a U.S. Institute of Peace to resolve conflicts and international disputes in Baghdad, a participant with more than fifty scientific symposium in the poultry industry, a participant more than fifteen scientific conference in the field of poultry, publisher of more than ten scientific article
Research interests

produce premixes and pre-prepared mixtures in poultry feed*

production of green fodder in unconventional ways*

* producing protein concentrates homemade vegetable substitutes for animal and plant concentrates imported

*Use physical and chemical treatments in improving the nutritional value of local feedstuffs

medicinal plants and herbal alternatives to antibiotics life in poultry feed*

ways to limit the spread of toxin aflatoxins in poultry feed*

*producing organic meat and eggs healthy free from additives, pharmaceutical and animal welfare

*Poultry Nutrition according to the latest nutritional management systems in the world

Design and Analysis of Experiments*

poultry production in the tropics*

Animal Nutrition Complex&simple stomach*

Feed and Feeding(rouphages &concentrate)*

Publications in scientific journals

T. Research Title Place of Publication Year of Publication

1-Use different ratios of grain sorghum, barley, local instead of yellow corn on the productive performance of Chicken meat Baghdad University - Master 1983

2-Effect of using different ratios of sorghum instead of maize in some production traits of broiler. Journal Babylon - Iraq 2001

3-Effect of different ratios of local barley instead of corn and its impact on some production traits of broiler. Qadisiyah magazine Science Veterinary Medicine - Iraq 2001

4-Use pre-prepared mixtures produced locally rather than imported in the productive performance of broiler. Baghdad University - PhD thesis 2006

5-substitution effect gluten local maize supplemented with lysine instead of SBM in the productive qualities of broiler .Qadisiyah magazine Science Veterinary Medicine - Iraq 2006

6-effect partial and total replacement of maize seed embryos local supported and lysine replaced SBM in the productive performance of broiler. Journal Karbala - Iraq 2007

7- effect of rice broken and rice polishing replace imported animal protein Center in blood recipes for broiler. Magazine University of Dhi Qar, 2008

8-compared to the productive capacity of the strains for the production of table eggs under normal culture conditions published in the Journal of the University of Basra Agricultural Science magazine Basra University of Agricultural Sciences, 2008

9-effect partial and total replacement of crumb rice instead of maize in the production performance and cost of production of chicken eggs Lohman. Qadisiyah magazine Science Veterinary Medicine - Iraq 2008

10- Effect of corn by product supplemented with fish protein meal local instead of imported on broiler diets. Journal of Agricultural Sciences Euphrates - Babel - Iraq 2009

11-production pre-prepared mixtures (local) instead of animal protein concentrates imported feed broiler. Journal of Ain Shams University - Egypt 2009

12-Using local plant protein concentrates replace central plant and animal protein importer in the productive performance of broiler. magazine of the University of Kufa - Iraq 2009

13-impact of nutrition cumin powder on productive performance and the level of cholesterol in chicken eggs yolks issa brown elderly. Journal of the College of Education for Girls - Biological Sciences

14-The effect of of safazyme in diets supplementation through bioavailability of metabolizable energy on broiler performance . Journal of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - University of Kufa 2011

15-the impact of the use of different temperatures in the productive performance of eggs breeder Tetra. Qadisiyah magazine Science Veterinary Medicine 2012

Published articles

T. articles published addresses Place of Publication Year of Publication

*Why animals do not get heart attack? Afaq university - the University of Kufa 2008

*vitamin D daily miracle our university - the University of Kufa 2008

*visible Najaf .. between reality and ambition our university newspaper - University of Kufa 2009

importance of poultry in Iraq magazine Iraqi Poultry Science 2008*

*importance Albraimaxat in poultry feed magazine Iraqi Poultry Science 2009

*the importance of nutrition in the development of the poultry industry magazine Iraqi Poultry Science 2010

Seminars and courses

*a seminar at the University of Qadisiya - Faculty of Agriculture about (the future of the poultry industry in Iraq) / 2009

*Seminar on organic chicken and eggs programmed in the Department of Biological - Faculty of Sciences / University of Kufa / 2009

*a specialized seminar on how to prepare diets for poultry / Faculty of Agriculture - University of Kufa / 2010

*a specialized seminar on the composition of diets in the computer / Faculty of Agriculture - University of Kufa / 2010

*a seminar on the development of the reality of livestock in Iraq / Institute of Administrative Development of Higher efficiencies - Office of the Martyr Sadr / 2011

*Participation by more than twenty seminar in the poultry industry in the fields of agriculture, veterinary for the period from 2006 to 2012 inside and outside the University of Kufa.

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