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He holds a master's degree from the University of Baghdad - College of Science in the jurisdiction of Economic Entomology and a doctorate from the University of Babylon - the College of Science in the jurisdiction of immunity to parasites. Scientific researcher in the field of immunology and Medical Parasitology. Decision of the Department of Biology of the initial studies - College of Education - University of Kufa for the period of 1994-1995. Decision of the Department of Biology of Graduate Studies for the period of 2009-2011.
Studies on theuseofmodernimmunologicaltechniquesin the diagnosisofMedicalParasitology

Epidemiological studiesof Medical Parasitology

Studies on the use ofplant extractsin the treatment ofparasitic diseases

Studies on the use ofplant extractsas immunomodulators

Studies on the use of molecular techniquesin the diagnosisofMedicalParasitology

Medical parasitic protozoan

Medical parasitic worms


Immunology and Serolog

Selected publication

1-Husein,Z.A.;Mahmoud,A.A.andYousif,J.J.(2012).Investigate the factors causing the diarrhea (intestinal parasitic protozoa and bacteria) in patients with diabetes in the province of Najaf.Kufa Journal for Nursing Sciences ,Volume(2) Issue(1).

2-Atshan,M.H.;Yousif,J.J.(2012).Effect of some products of honey bees in hydatid cysts and some hematological and immunological parameters in Balb/c mice. Al-Kufa University Journal For Biology, Volume(4) issue(1).

3-Yousif,J.J.;Husein,Z.A.Nassir,K.M.(2010).The detection of Toxoplasmosis infection among married women in Al-Abbasiya Najaf region.Al-Kufa University Journal For Biology, Volume(2) issue(2).

4-Mahmood,A.A.;Husein,Z.A.;Yousif,J.J.(2012).Efficiency of filters for disposal of intestinal parasites in three positions for filtration of water in Al-Abbasia in Al-Najaf governorate.Journal of Babylon University, Volume(12) Issue (2).

5-Yousif,J.J.;Al-Aarajy,A.S.and Al-Omoran,A.A.(2009). The use of some

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