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M.Sc. from College of Medicine-Kufa University in Medical Physiology. PhD from College of Science-Baghdad University in Physiology of Reproduction and Infertility. Vice dean of College of Medicine-Kufa University (1997-2003). The Head of Department of Anatomy and Histology (1998-2013). The head of Department of Pharmacology and Poisons (2013- Currently).
1.The effect of nutrients on sperms parameters.

2.The effect of hormones in sperms activation.

3.In vitro sperms activations by different ways.

4.Antioxidants and their relations to sperms parameters.

5.Cryopreservation techniques of sperms and oocytes.

6.Superovulation regimes for IVF.

1.Physiology of Reproduction and Infertility.

2.Hormones and Physiology of Endocrine Glands.

3.Assisted Reproductive Technologies.


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