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Bachelor: Al- Mustansiriyah University in 1982 Master : Tashkent University in 1987 PHD: Tashkent University in 19991 General Specialization : Mathematics-Mathematical Analysis Specialization : Functional Analysis Scientific Degree: professor in 2010
Application s of Mathematics in the science of engineering and space

The scientific journals that related with the other branches of mathematics
1- Representation of continuous linear functional in the space and

2- Generalized Orlicz classes

3- Approximation of positive and monotone functions

4- Asymptotic behavior of derivatives of near best approximation polynomials

5- Orlicz modules

6- A normed Orlicz classes and spaces

7-Orders of coapproximation of functions by algebraic polynomials

8-The rate of coapproximation of monotone functions in

9-Weak copositive approximation and whitney theorem in

10- Orlicz modular.

11- Orlicz lattice.

12- order continuous

13- On separable non-atomic Boolean algebra

14- Fuzzy linear transformations

15- Conjugate -function

16- Generalized growth condition

17- Generalized mean function

18- whitney theorem in comonotone approximation in

19- Nonlinear dynamics and cusp catastrophe.

20- On some properties of a Riesz space ( vector lattice)

21- Some aspects of a new subclass of a multivalent functions defined by integral operator

22- Closure bounded functions and absolutely continuous norm in Orlicz space

23- The normed vector lattice and some properties

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