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B.sc in Pharmaceutical sciences from College of Pharmacy/ Kufa University (2005) M.sc in Pharmacology and Therapeutics from College of Medicine/ Kufa University (2011) Ph.D Candidate in College of Medicine/ Al-nahrain University / Pharmacology Department from 2012 and till now.
Pharmacological researches concerned with Osteoporosis

Pharmacological researches concerned with high blood lipid profile

Researches concerned with herbs



1-Master thesis:- A comparative study of the topical effect of Minoxidil , Cyproterone acetate, and Finasteride on hair growth in male mice.

2-Topical effect of Cyproterone acetate on hair growth in male mice, Kufa Medical Journal, (2011).

3-Attitude toward smoking cessation and relapse among Iraqi Men, Babylon Medical Journal, (2012).

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